How to unlock your locked-down account?

1 Access ADSelfService Plus through a web browser. On the left half of ADSelfService Plus, you have two large buttons: one labeled “Forgot your password” and the other “Unlock your account”

2 Click on the “Unlock your account” button.

   You will be asked to give your username.

3 After you provide username, you will be directed to the page where you can authenticate yourself.

   There are 3 kinds of authentication method:

You can choose between Verification Code method and Security Question(s) method for proving your identity. However, your administrator might choose to authenticate you using Mixed Method, which comprises of both verification code and Security Question(s).

The authentication page will look like the image shown below:

Unlocking your account via Verification Code method:

Unlocking your account via Security Question(s) method:

Unlocking your account via Mixed method:

For Unlocking Accounts of other platform accounts

ADSelfService Plus allows you, the user, to automatically unlock your other platform accounts (eg: Google Apps, Office 365, IBM i/AS400, etc.) when you unlock your Windows account. You can link your other platform accounts with your Windows account. After linking your accounts, ADSelfService Plus will automatically unlock your linked accounts, when you reset your unlock your Windows account. To link your accounts, click here.


CAPTCHA: A word verification image which serves for the purpose of increasing the security of your account.Enabling/Disabling the CAPTCHA is in the hands of your IT administrator.

Refresh CAPTCHA option: In case of having trouble while deciphering the CAPTCHA code,you can switch it by clicking on the icon.

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